A challenge!

Staff who thrive at Robson Savage are generally self-motivated get-it-done kind of people of a positive disposition, who push themselves to perform really well without needing "management" to be done to them in the traditional sense.  Are willing to take responsibility, can put their minds to overcoming the little obstacles life seems to dish up on a daily basis, don't set limits around themselves, are inquisitive and see no task as being beneath them when the customer needs something.

People who approach life and work in a mature manner, don't need to be nagged to fill in a leave form or told what core hours mean, who don't abuse company phones or email facilities... Ok, you get the picture. If this is you, you probably already know it.

What we're saying is that attitude and core personality traits are more important than experience and knowledge (though we'll probably take to you a bit quicker if you have some of the latter in the South African retirement fund space).

So: if you often find yourself using phrases like "the reason I couldn't do it is..." or "nobody told me where the (fill in the blank) is" then it's frankly unlikely we'll find much in common to talk about.

If on the other hand the earlier stuff sounds like you and you'd like the chance to work in such an environment, then you could do worse than trying to get our attention by writing and telling us why.


We're always keeping an eye on careers@robsav.com in the hope we'll hear from you.

Administrators, bookkeepers, actuarial/technical types, consultants - we're happy to talk to anyone who matches our core profile.

Are you up to the challenge?