The provision of administration services is our core business. The effective administration of any type of fund is dependant on the administration system and the people who operate it. We believe that we have the best of both and our many happy clients will attest to this. Our administration system, known as Q-master is home grown specifically for the South African retirement industry.

With over 250 clients in a variety of funding arrangements, whether it be a traditional defined benefit pension fund, free standing defined contribution funds, or in the suite of our Acumen umbrella pension, provident, preservation and retirement annuity funds, we have yet to find an arrangement which we could not administer.

Our Administration Specialists

There is no limitation imposed by size of the fund, or the industry in which you operate. We do not have specific target markets, other than people who want effective, accurate administration that is done right, and where your fund is balanced to the cent, every time.

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